Small Bedroom : Tips Managing Small Bedroom

Small Bedroom, do you have a small bedroom that has difficulty managing the interior? In fact, there are people who can use the bedroom as a place to work, even a library. How to?

You who have a bedroom not too broad don’t need to worry about lack of space. The five tips quoted from my home design site may be tried!

Small Bedroom

Small Bedroom? Arrange everything

Small rooms will be more comfortable to occupy if the items are arranged neatly.

This means you have to get rid of less important items in the bedroom. The rest can be “hidden” in a drawer or other place so as not to look messy.

Maximize the space under the bed

If your bedroom is narrow and does not have a ceiling that is too high, you must be more creative using each corner of the room to store things.

Gaps under the bed can be an easy place to store items.

In this place, you can store items such as thick jackets, wrapping paper, and other materials that are not used every day.

Wrap the items with transparent plastic so they don’t get dusty. To get extra storage space, you can raise the foot of the bed a few centimeters to be more maximal.

Choose furniture that is multi-functional

  • When buying a piece of furniture or furniture, choose a multifunctional furniture.
  • For example, bookshelves can not only be used as a place to store books but also function as a dressing table.
  • Or your clothes drawer, which was only for storing clothes, can now be used as a place to put down a light sleeper.
  • In essence, pay attention to every item that can potentially be an extra storage area and can be adjusted to your style.

Add extra light

  1. It seems common to know that good lighting is the key to making a narrow room look wider.
  2. For that always make sure the lighting in your bedroom looks bright. Apart from the window, you can also add lamp ornaments with various models and heights to taste.

Don’t forget the wall

A narrow bedroom can certainly be tricked by the right wall decoration.

A mirror that depends on the wall not only works when you are grooming but also helps reflect more light into the room and makes it look wider.

Besides hanging photos and other art displays, you can also display other accessories on the wall.